What features does FileCap contain?

FileCap continuously develops new features for maximum security.
You no longer have to wait for files to be uploaded to the server because they are stored on the FileCap server in your local network.
Below you will find the user friendly features FileCap already contains.

Outlook Integration

Use the Outlook plug-in of FileCap to send emails the way you are used to, but now with attachments of up to 10 GB or more!
For extra security you can use a personal password.
Furthermore, you can use the Outlook plug-in to invite external parties to send you files safely.

iOS App

Use this clever plug-in to invite people to send you a file from wherever you are, or just send pictures from your device to someone else outside or inside the company.

Windows Plug-in

Invite people to safely send you a file through the Windows context menu or just send a file from a folder directly to someone outside or inside the company without the use of a mail client.

FileCap Portal

The FileCap portal enables external parties to send you large files or download the files that they have received. An additional password can be used for extra security. Customise your FileCap server with your own logo and background.



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