Send (Large) files via the Windows plugin

Send (Large) files via the Windows plugin

FileCap can be integrated into Microsoft Windows and offers various possibilities. Within this plugin, for example, it is easy to send (large) attachments directly from the Windows Context Menu or via the system tray icon.

After the installation of this plugin you can immediately send a file or multiple files without having to use an e-mail client.

You simply enter the correct data and then a command is sent to the FileCap Server to send an e-mail to the recipient. This e-mail contains the unique link to download the newly uploaded file or files.

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Send invites via the Windows plugin

Would you like someone to safely send you an important or large file? With FileCap for Windows you can easily send someone an invitation to do so.Via the system tray icon you or your users can choose to send someone an invitation. After that, the plug-in will instruct the FileCap server to send an invitation to the specified recipient. FileCap will than place a unique link in this e-mail which the receiver can use to upload files via your own FileCap portal very quickly and easily. As soon as this process has succeeded, you will receive a notification and will be able to safely collect the files.


In the base, the FileCap server uses the Windows plug-in. From this server the administrator can create standard company policies via the admin portal. The adjustable download options offer a range of possibilities. You can, for example, make a password compulsory or maximize the number of times that the files can be downloaded. As a user you can also make your own settings within the Windows plug-in. These settings can be created per individual file transfer.

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