Managed File Transfer

MSPs: take advantage of the power of FileCap

A safe alternative for cloudservices

FileCap MSP has been developed for MSPs who want to offer their small- and medium-sized customers a safe alternative for WeTransfer. Companies use these kind of cloud services to share large files with colleagues or externals. If these files contain personal information, using a public cloud will probably not comply with the rules of the GDPR. It is hard to indicate where the data is stored and who manages it. FileCap offers complete insight.

Private Hosted

The FileCap Managed Service Platform can be placed in the data center or on premise of the customer. Through this local storage, both the MSP and the customer retain control over the files that are sent or received. With FileCap MSP customers can rest assured that they don’t store or share data at shadowy cloud services.

FileCap huisstijl

Corporate Identity style

MSPs can add the own Corporate Identity, logo or background for their customers. This way, FileCap becomes a ‘reception portal’ of the company where employees and customers can upload and share files.

Simple license management

The license management of FileCap is very user friendly. The FileCap servers for customers are configured on one virtual multi-tenant server by the Managed Service Provider. The MSP then assigns a domain name to the customer and sets the number of users. In the background, FileCap creates a customer portal in an isolated environment with its own database for the files.

1-minute explainer:

Howto: Create a new portal. 

Safe and Cloudless exchange of files

FileCap uses the most modern encryption technology both in transit and at rest. The files themselves are stored encrypted. & nbsp; Another important security element of FileCap is that when setting the security settings it can be indicated that the MSP can not view the files or the reportage.

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